Maestro Eduardo Fernández

I have tried Ariel Ameijenda’s guitars and I can testify to the extraordinary quality and consistence of his work, his deep knowledge of the different woods and his attention to detail. His instruments not only have a beautiful tone, but also exhibit evenness in the various registers, remarkable transparency and are obedient to the wishes of the player. These instruments are so human they only lack the gift of speech…but that would be the task of the player. I recommend them without any reservation.

Pavel Steidl‏

"Dear Ariel, I was happy to meet you and try your guitars. From your instruments comes sounds which remember me the time of for me the golden chapter in the guitar history of 20th century. Time of Llobet, Luisa Anido, Domingo Prat. Sweet, tender sound. Congratulations. Yes I hope to meet you again soon."

Guitar Salon International

This guitar is an elegantly built example of Ariel's finest work. The sound is very focused with a clear and very firm fundamental at the core of every note, yet each note is also surrounded by a warm, complementary layer of rich overtones, giving it a full-bodied sound without the loss of clarity.

The guitar also has great projection and power for its slightly more compact build, and the playability is very easy on both hands. This is a great concert instrument by any standard, from the most respected luthier currently working out of Uruguay